Friday, June 11, 2010

Radio in the background

I grew up listening to AM radio, specifically CKLG in Vancouver, BC. It was the time of innovative morning shows – how else could you describe the fish heads ditty – and if you didn’t get happy soon after the clock radio went off you were clearly on the wrong station.

Radio has expanded to internet and satellite but I’m still listening to traditional radio except now it’s FM. We have a few choices around here; 2 stations with some guy’s name (in this case Wayne and Lloyd) and station named after an animal (The Goat – which came first the lack of animal choice or the GTO?). I listen to The Goat because the Wayne doesn’t come in at work and the DJs are better on The Goat anyway. Lloyd plays country.

The Goat’s Morning Breath is a guy/gal team of Chad and Erin. They chit chat, do intros and highlight weird news and it’s the way weird news it discussed that catches my attention because it may reflect how people think around here – although I’m not sure Chad is representative because he doesn’t seem conservative enough.

Two news stories pop to mind.

One is the story about a person infecting himself with a computer virus. Erin was incredulous saying she didn’t think a person could get a computer virus and I hadn’t read the story because the headline put me off since I know a person can’t get a computer virus. Chad *had* read the story and it turned out to be interesting enough that I waiting in the car to listen to the conversation. In case you didn’t read the research, someone injected a chip with a transmitter and a virus into his body then walked by wireless machines. He found he could spread the computer virus from his chip to another device; an interesting and scary result. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t heard it on the radio.

The other was the woman in New York who was suing an employer. She felt she was fired for refusing to wear different clothing at work that minimized her figure. Erin’s first comment was about the size of the woman’s ego and dismissed the possibility of there being a legitimate complaint. Chad looked at her picture, said she did have a good body and could see how she would be distracting. I thought she most likely has a case if a dress code specific to her is being implemented. Erin’s response put me off to the point that I didn’t bother to listen to the rest of the segment so I’ll never know.

I like the Morning Breath because I get a different spin on interesting articles I’ve frequently already read. I find it depressing that Erin’s role seems to be “Really? Wow!” since she is the only female DJ at the station.