Sunday, 18 August 2019

Politics and me

Talking with my dad when we arrived for a visit and he's decided to stop watching news other than, I assume, local evening news. He says he's been much more relaxed since then. When visiting with the in-laws the first thing I asked was if I could turn down the radio. MIL has switched from CBC to Calgary talk radio. Any conversation ends up at odds because there is no agreement on facts to even start from.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Paper Towels - Sustainability is hard!

Today we had a discussion about paper towels. We had gone to Home Depot and I thought I would get paper towels while there. I didn't end up buying as I could get them cheaper elsewhere but this was the first time Fred had seen how much they can cost and he was floored. No more paper towel. It's costing us $100s per year.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Quick reviews

The hardest part of being retired is I am still a huge consumer. I'm trying to focus more on small items to help stay in budget. If I do spend big - I expect high quality and reliability. Here are my most recent 3 purchased items.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Bennie's Bootcamp

So innocent looking
After the last time Bennie bit me I looked back and realized he bites us a lot and it's moving beyond a puppy thing so we got a behaviourist recommendation. One behaviour to address is him barking when he hears other dogs and becoming uncontrollable when they actually get close enough for him to notice them. People walking differently, either because of disability or accessories (like strollers) can also prompt barking. The larger problem is Bennie has a strong sense of ownership - the source of bites. Our neighbours love to visit with him through the fence. They are unlikely to trigger an episode but ...

Saturday, 6 July 2019

One year of retirement down! Hopefully many to go.

When we say we're retired people ask if we miss work or we're traveling a lot. No and no. Actually, I kind of wonder how people have time to work with all the things there  are to do! To be fair, my job, in later years, consisted of collating and reporting data and immediate responses to questions so I'm used to finding productive (or not) things to do.  Spouse's was more project oriented so he's used to sorting his time out. Like many people our age who are retired we have side gigs - they just aren't required for financial support like they may be for younger people.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Bennie's first Kayak

It seems like project and kayak weather didn't come together until now. Last year he was really too little; this year I've been working with him on swimming (he's great at wading). The weather was forecasted to be nice so we tested Bennie's tolerance to life jackets. We each have a different colour so it's easy to know if they're all there*. Today the weather was nice so off we went to a nearby lake. Bennie wasn't in a kennel for the short trip. He sat on the backseat and took awhile to relax but he doesn't seem to mind motion. If Duffy wasn't in a kennel he curled up as far under the driver seat as possible.This was looking good for kayaking.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

New Amazon Prime Service in Canada - Prime Reading

Yes, this pic is skewed
The main reason I have an Amazon account is for the e-books. I've been a digital consumer for almost 2 decades starting with my first Sony Clie. Spouse has a Prime account for free shipping so we've been using Prime Video and Prime Music by logging in through their account. Most purchases are done through their account but the other day I wanted some dog stuff so I pulled the trigger on the free Prime trial...just in time for the Prime Reading launch.