Thursday, 19 March 2020

COVID-19 edition with handy links! #cdnpoli

Liberated from Twitter
How are you doing?

As a retiree I'm used to not structuring my day around work; as a social person, I had found many IRL activities to replace going to work and they are now unavailable. The mixed blessing is the seasonal cold weather-gloves, scarves, and lack of people around make it easy for social distancing🙂I thought I would share how I'm staying positive.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Bennie at 22 months

Bennie's been maturing but we're still expanding experiences and working on behaviour modification.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

I work owww-t!

One of the Pluspora CheckIns I led, the QOTD was when did you first start to feel your age. I read an article that physical aging occurs in spurts. (I can't find the link) Mental or not, I did some different biceps with heavier weights and can barely move my arms 3 days later. What happened to 2 day recovery?!?

Thursday, 13 February 2020

One year of solar - an update

It's been a year since the switch was flipped on our roof solar array. We were among the last to be able to access the solar panel rebate program funded by the Alberta Carbon Levy. We were permitted for a 4.8 kW microgeneration system.

Friday, 7 February 2020

On going "Home"

Like many people who've moved away from where they grew up, I feel like I have two homes. One where I live and one where my family lives. Whether it's age, wealth or just that I was sick, I found I didn't fit any better with family than I do with the wider culture where I live. I've been home a couple days and feeling a lot better. I think I took a day to get all the cold and travel medicine out of my system.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Mail from the Feds duh duh duhhhh🎹

Two things form the bulk of my mail; fliers and official communication from the Federal government. This time it's from Service Canada and since I haven't put in for a passport renewal I was puzzled. Oh yeah, this year I turn 60 - not only a time for seniors discounts but early CPP application.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

MarioKart Tour - Cabin Fever saver

Nintendo fan here! I even stood in line for the Wii back in the day and we still have 2 DSs and a bunch of games around. We did a lot of Wii Fit and Wii sports nights with friends but the most fun was MarioKart. I was super pumped to see a mobile game come out and was not disappointed. For me, the free version has hit the sweet spot of rewards while punting you back to real-world responsibilities - like Bennie! So I was really surprised to read such a negative review from Engadget.

Each race is fairly short and you can only collect a certain amount of coins and experience points before hitting the daily cap. Rubies are doled out frequently enough that you get to use the pipe without paying and you can use tickets to level up to earn more points in a race. I usually hit a wall 3 days before a tour ends - if you don't keep collecting stars, new tracks don't open. Challenges are a good range of "keep playing" points and "do tasks" to earn extra stars and coins. New Tour = several open tracks.

You can play a long time without knowing all the ins and outs. I collected tickets for ages before really exploring the menu button and using them to upgrade karts, drivers and gliders. Game mechanics are good. I tend to keep my thumb on the screen all the time even though you don't need to and it can result in unintended motions. It's a drain on the phone battery but not too bad.

This is a freemium game; you can purchase rubies and play packages as well as a monthly subscription. Coming soon is a multi-player mode which I'm meh about. I suppose for people used to countless hours playing games, this game wouldn't be appealing but for a casual gamer like myself, it's a nice break with firm disengagement opportunities.