Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smart phones

I was wandering the web and came across an article at wired gadget lab about the up and coming cell phone shapes . A comment in the article was that social networking phones were looking for a new shape because the tablet was so strongly associated with the iPhone. At last I know why people ask me if “that’s an iPhone” whenever they see my Omnia 2. Does this look like an iPhone to you?

We are built to make quick association and compare new to existing. If you think of a tablet phone, chances are most people will think of an iPhone. Smallish screen with hard keyboard conjures up a Blackberry and, now, slide out landscape keyboards have really caught on with Android devices (think ‘Droid, Milestone) and of course there’s the portrait slide out form factor of the Palm Pre. Windows Mobile lost out partly because it’s so flexible that it didn’t have a firm brand image. I’m not sure what it left for Windows Phone 7 other than Zune and Xbox integration but tech sites like Engadget seem to be on board with the new OS.

And how did I end up with a smart phone anyway? I can’t just remember to be places any more. I don’t pay much attention to the day of the week unless I’m working and dates – well that’s what hovering over the time displayed in the task tray is for isn’t it? I got used to using Outlook at work so decided to use the calendar on the cell phone I had. Have you tried to use the calendar on a Razr – no really. I had a Sony Clie UX50 back in the day. I could watch and take movies and pictures, read e-books, listen to music AND track appointments. Now I also wanted to listen to audible books and watch TV from at home over the internet in addition to all that other stuff I used to do. I thought I wanted a keyboard so I tried an HTC Touch Dual. Did everything I wanted but not really happy with the form factor. My carrier upgraded to HSPA+ and I upgraded to a phone with a SIM card.

When you find the right phone for you, you’ll find it hard to leave it behind (a plus as I get older and forget more stuff) It fits well in hand. Manufacturers don’t have to get rid of buttons so they aren’t pressed by mistake. It does everything you want in the time you expect it to happen. And you'll be heartbroken when you drop it....