Thursday, May 30, 2013

Month end blues

Many people don't like month end because it involves a lot of extra work - especially since metrics have become so important to business. I don't like month end because it reminds me just how futile my job is and how low my purchase price is.

My position is like house work, never ending and with very little in the way of success markers unless you count no one getting badly hurt or killed. People don't particularly want to be involved as it would take effort and I totally understand since the name of the game for my corporate overlord is circumventing as many labour laws as possible when it comes to paying workers and generally have a disdain for any kind of training that creates skilled employees.

Management would no doubt defend hiring of inexperienced people as giving opportunities except it is *not* giving opportunities to people who have spent time and money gaining experience by getting an education that includes interning. He'd rather hire someone who thinks they "would like to work there" then wonders why they don't do the job well and leave when any standards are attempted. Must be those useless supervisors - that's sarcasm.

Oh well, if no one is going to actually complain about the law not being followed in spite of the Code being posted I guess they are happy enough - or they leave, using their experience to get better jobs. And Management wonders why they can't keep people. As for me, I'll just keep doing charitable donations, working my hours, retire ASAP and pull on the pension as long as I can. Just doing my part to balance corporate expenses.